1. She's a Woman

From the recording Angels and Outlaws

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Guest Musician
Josh Scott (Saxophone, Trumpet)


She's a woman
Words and Music by Ryan and Kai Kalama

She’s a Woman,
She don’t live her Life for No one
She knows what She wants, Emotion
Cause she’s Livin to Be in Love

Little Beauty Queen
the kind You’ve never seen
she was The Apple of
Everybody’s eye

Turned That Little girl
into their whole wide world
She never asked for anything that Big before

But now she’s grown
she left that little town
and now she knows
they can’t bring her down

went to find herself
she redefined herself
she’s the only one she aims to please


There’s this girl that I know
she Lives her own Life
Everywhere that she goes
she takes her own time

Goes out by herself, be fine all by herself
She’s the only one that asks for me to come